SonaSpray FC: Whats the DifferENce?

What is the difference between Sonaspray k13 and Sonaspray FC (and some other variations)


We are often are asked what the difference is between the different types of Sonaspray. 


The answer primarily comes down to texture.

Please get in touch for more info or certificates relating to our environmental credentials. We will be more than happy to share all the information regards EPDs, HPDs, and other tests. 

K13 Standard

An intentionally coarser finish. Suitable for application where a more industrial look is desired.

K13 Special

Our most popular solution.  A medium texture perfect for offices, gyms, restaurants, and many other applications.

K14 (Class A)

Our lightest textured finish without needing to trowel. Also has an A Fire rating (European class). (See fire safety section for more)


A medium-light finish. Suitable for museums, theatres, restaurants and more. 


Sprayed & trowelled, flat acoustic finish with a lightly pitted, seamless surface.

This is the lightest texture available in the Sonaspray range.