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*Some panels have signs of wear and tear, some worn edges on the fabric. For this reason the price has been cut by almost 50%. Some panels have very little wear and tear, so this a great deal if you want to get some functional acoustic treatment. 

Simple and effective acoustic panels perfect for absorbing unwanted noise in conference spaces, recording studios, and more. We hold many panels in stock so expect short lead times.

Absolute Acoustic can also provide a post graduate acoustics expert to help locating the panels in the space to achieve desired results.

There are lots of acoustic panels on the market, and most of them function the same acoustically, absorbing sound in an enclosed space. Our panels are cost effective, functional, and simple. 

Placing them in the correct location to achieve the desired result is key. Absolute Acoustics are happy to provide a room analysis and guidance how many acoustic panels should be used and where to place them to achieve a more balanced room acoustic.

Our panels are always in stock in Dublin, and are available in different colours and sizes. To order simply pick up the phone or send us an email. 



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Acoustic Panels Technical Information


30 – 50 – 80 – 100 mm, other thicknesses available on request

Standard Sizes:

1200 x 600 or 600 x 600 mm other sizes available on request


Panels are enclosed parametrically with a properly formed Galvanized Metal profile ensuring greater endurance and incombustibility.

Fabrics finish

Fabric Type: Air Mesh type.
Colors: For architect selection according to standard color pallet.

Non-visible side:
– The panels are covered from their back side with a non woven
protection cloth


Sound Absorption material at appropriate densities in order to achieve the required Sound Absorption coefficient Fiberglass, Rockwool, IZIfon (recycle polyester fibers), Sheep-wool

Impact Resistance (IR)

The hard surface offers good protection against impact whilst still allowing the sound to penetrate the core of the panel.

Fire rated:

According to BS 476-7 and BS-EN 1021-1/2006


Vacuum regularly. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or shampoo using proprietary upholstery shampoo


Colours In Stock

Fabric Samples are available



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