Acoustic Treatment Solutions

Acoustic treatment refers dealing with unwanted noise and sound reflections in a space. Reverberation refers to the amount of “echo” within a space. Excessive reverberation times create uncomfortable environments in which users of the space find listening difficult. Furthermore, long reverberation times have the effect of reinforcing unwanted noise-sounds, such as footsteps and chatter. Users of the space may then feel the need to raise their voice, further increasing the amount of reverberant energy (noise) within the space.

This issue is caused by a lack of sound absorbing materials within the internal envelope of the space. Absolute Acoustics supply high quality acoustic products. We have solutions that are ISO certified quality and can improve your install times and help you to be more cost effective.


Seamless spray on acoustic treatment. Time effective, great specs. ISO certified.


Acoustic plaster for spacial design. Perfect for projects where clean lines and good acoustics are both a priority.

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