Acoustic Wall Panels

Flexible and modern Aesthetic Designs

Our range of customizable panels consist of compressed polyester felt panel, lightweight yet semi-rigid, offering unlimited design possibilities. It’s available in standard panel sizes with thickness options of 12 mm or 24 mm, effectively reducing reverberation and managing background chatter.

  • Achieves outstanding acoustic performance
  • Boasts a solid color with a smooth finish, eliminating the need for edging or capping
  • Exhibits remarkable durability, ensuring long-term stability and reliability
  • Offers exceptional versatility, allowing for extensive customization
  • Enhances visual depth and texture, setting it apart from conventional paint
  • Features an elegant color palette for a sophisticated appearance
  • Facilitates effortless installation
  • Proudly maintains a carbon-neutral footprint
  • Crafted locally to support the community

Key Specifications

Wall Panel
100% PET Felt
0.45 - 0.95 depending on thickness. Bespoke installations can be carried out by our team to provide high bass absorption.
Fire Rating
B-s2, d0
Size and shape:
Fully Customizable via in house CNC
Fully Customizable via in house CNC
Wide Variety Available. Get in touch for Swatch Card.

Request a Sample. Available in the Republic of Ireland only.