TGB 102: It’s the Glue that Binds it all Together.

by | Oct 7, 2020

Spray-on acoustic treatment is being adapted more and more in the office fit-out sector for both cellular and open-plan situations. This approach brings many benefits, including rapid installation with knock-on benefits in terms of the program while delivering an excellent acoustic outcome.

Its possibly overstating the obvious but the glue which is used to bind the cellulose fibres to the host surface plays a vital roll in the overall process.

In the case of Sonaspray, the glue has been developed by ICC (International Cellulous Cooperation) for the specific purpose of ensuring the necessary levels of adhesion when applied to a ceiling or a wall.

It is based on a viscous water reducible clear adhesive which is exclusive to the Sonaspray system. It is not available via any third-party channels as it’s is the sole property of ICC.

What’s all the fuss about glue? 

Well is very simple, the assurance you get from selecting a Sonaspray installation is that it is guaranteed end to end. ICC manufactures the fibres, ICC manufacture the glue, ICC make the equipment that is used to apply the system.

There are no third parties involved in the process. It’s not a matter of sourcing the fibres from supplier A, buying the glue for supplier B and adapting the spraying equipment from supplier C for a purpose it was never intended for.

Things to be aware of

So, when you are considering the use of a spray-on acoustic treatment for a particular project, make sure to review all proposals in detail. What exactly are you getting?

Is it an integrated system or a collection of parts?

Has it been developed for this specific purpose or just bolted together from spurious components?

It’s not all down to a bottom-line price.


Remember a failure of the glue or the equipment used to apply it will have significant consequences. It’s on the ceiling and gravity will see to that.

Another issue to be aware of is the need to apply a binder/sealer to the nominated surface before the spray-on acoustic treatment is applied.

This is a major red flag as it indicates that the glue may not be strong enough to hold the fibres on the surface when applied. In contrast, the Sonaspray system requires no such initial pre-application treatment.


The integrated Sonaspray system is designed and developed in such a manner as to work straight out of the nozzle. In the hands of a competent and experiences installation crew to process is completed on-site in an efficient manner with no delays to program associated with the need for a sealer to be applied in advance. 

And no worries about it falling off the ceiling! 

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