Newcastle parish hall - School Hall Acoustics

School halls can be overly reverberant space, cause speech intelligibility issues. Such was the case for the Newcastle Parish Hall, who contracted Absolute Acoustics to use Sonaspray to tame the echo.

This multi-purpose space is used by the Newcastle Paris school for theater, sports, classes and many other activities. Newcastle Parish Hall contacted Absolute Acoustics with need to address some acoustic issues. Speech intelligibility was extremely low.

We sent a team out to the hall to measure the reverb time in the space. As you could hear without even testing it, the space was overly reverberant and voice strain for teacher and class control was definitely an issue.

Given the profile of the ceiling , the sound reflections were even more chaotic and it made sonaspray the perfect choice, as it was going to cover all the surface area area of the troublesome ceiling.

Sonaspray FC was applied 40mm thick. The team were able to carefully apply the Sonaspray so as to preserve the nice aesthetic of the hall.

The difference in speech intelligibly was absolutely noticeable. The teachers have been sending good reports about working in the space, and everyone who is in the hall is surprised about the lack of echo.

Seamless spray applied acoustic treatment designed to provide high levels of sound absorption, in a textured finish.

  • Fire-Rating B-s1, d0.

  • Program time vastly superior to most alternative acoustic treatments.

  • Recycled material (80%) and low-emitting materials (LEED/BREAM credits).

  • Thermal R-Value of 3.7 per inch & Mould resistant.

  • Wide range of textures & colours.

  • Exceptional sound absorption.

  • Applicable to any surface type.

  • Build Regs. part ‘E’ & BB93 compliant.

  • ISO 9001:200 certified product.

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