School acoustic solutions

School acoustics should be top of the agenda if your involved in education.  Poor speech intelligibility, and high levels of noise have detrimental effect on learning from a couple of different angles. Concentration is affected, with WHO supporting this in recent studies. Teachers find that poor acoustics in classrooms and multi-purpose areas affects job satisfaction and can result in vocal damage and fatigue. Government guidelines exist for school acoustics and we can advise and give solutions on these.  

School Acoustic Solutions in Ireland

School acoustic solutions can be found by measuring the reverb time and assessing what solutions can be achieved. We offer several products that will solve most noise problems found in schools, but more importantly we have the expertise to help you assess these different options.

Absolute Acoustics undertook testing and computer modelling of the problem and proposed a solution. They treated the surfaces with Sonaspray, and the results are highly impressive, and were immediately apparent to everyone who uses the hall. I would highly recommend Absolute Acoustics for dealing with this type of reverberation noise problem. 

Peter Johnson

Newcastle Parish Hall, County Wicklow.

Sonaspray & Sonacoustic

Sonaspray is a spray-on acoustic treatment that is perfect for large rooms and halls. We recently brought a four second reverb time down to one second in a school hall where there mas mixed use activities and the feedback what astounding. The teachers couldn’t believe it.

Panels and other sound absorption

Another solution we offer for smaller classrooms is our bespoke range of fabric cover panels and diffusion panels. These are amazing at absorbing noise from classrooms. We use advanced acoustic modeling software to optimise the placement of these panels and ensure satisfactory results for the pupils and the teachers.

Whatever the problem with your school noise-wise, we are confident we can address it. For the best solution, contact us directly at 01-554 7480 or get in touch at [email protected]. We would be more than happy to look at the problem and offer a free quote for the solution.

For school acoustic products that can be used at the early building stages, contact us directly. We have a range of products and the expertise to ensure effective room to room sound insulation and low noise levels with classrooms. Get in touch at [email protected].