School Hall Acoustics:

Sports hall acoustics are usually highly reverberant, due to a combination of large surface areas of concrete block walls, high corrugated steel ceilings and wooden floors. 

In order to control acoustics in the sports halls, a large quantity of acoustically absorbing material must be applied around the hall. In this case, a spray on acoustic coating has a clear advantage over acoustic wall panels, and our environmentally sustainable Sonaspray is the perfect answer for noise control in sports halls.

We are experts in the control of acoustics at the sports halls and treat each project with care.


School hall acoustics: The solutions

We create an acoustic model in the sports hall with specially designed software. It helps us to determine what places to achieve the desired results for school hall acoustics. 

Sonaspray K-13 combined with genuine impact-resistant wall panels, can save up to €40k on acoustic products in a hall. (Ideal for new builds and renovations).

Sonaspray is a very economic and sustainable solution for these kind of sports hall acoustics problems.

school hall acoustics


Sonaspray k-13

Sonaspray is a real winner in terms of sports hall acoustics. Using environmentally friendly cellulose based spray on acoustic treatment. Sonaspray enables us to use less acoustic panels in sports halls. This saves a lot of time and money. For more info on sonaspray, click here. 

Seamless spray applied acoustic treatment designed to provide high levels of sound absorption, in a textured finish.

  • Fire-Rating B-s1, d0.
  • Recycled material (80%) and low-emitting materials (LEED/BREAM credits).
  • Significant program time reduction.
  • Thermal R-Value of 3.7 per inch & Mould resistant.
  • Wide range of textures & colours.
  • Exceptional sound absorption.
  • Applicable to any surface type.
  • Build Regs. part ‘E’ & BB93 compliant.
  • ISO 9001:200 certified product.

Impact Resistant Panels


Acoustic wall panels shall be installed at low level.

In this unique, low level impact-resistant acoustic panel, low-level sound reflection is eliminated. 

Typical acoustic wall panel systems, due to the risk of potential damage, cannot do this in sports halls usually. Our special fabric cover panels are highly durable and specialised in this task.

By installing our Acoustic wall panels Oscar Evo panels at this low level, the results for Sport Hall Acoustics are drastically improved. For more info on our panels, click here. 


“Absolute Acoustics did an outstanding job overcoming a serious reverberation noise problem in our parish hall – the hall is used for a huge variety of purposes, from table tennis, to amateur drama, dinners, children’s dramas and musicals, children’s birthday parties and more – all of these activities suffered from the echoes from hard wall and ceiling surfaces. Absolute Acoustics undertook testing and computer modelling of the problem and proposed a solution. They treated the surfaces with Sonaspray, and the results are highly impressive, and were immediately apparent to everyone who uses the hall. “

Peter Johnston, Newcastle Parish Hall, County Wicklow (May, 2019)


Our acoustic treatment and insulation install team are experienced and professional. We have completed projects that more than meet requirements and regularly surpass the expected schedule. We have worked with some of the most highly regarded fit-out companies, architects and media production houses.