Vibro Acoustic AMR


The housing of Vibro-AM.R is designed to limit vertical and horizontal movement of the isolated equipment and also offers a seismic protection. The product load range starts from small weights of 15 kp up to 150kp

VIBRO AMR spring isolator offers protection in all directions and is a complete anti-vibration spring mount that can be primarily used for low frequency vibration isolation. It is most commonly used for vibrating machinery with low speed rotation (400 rpm upwards). It is mostly used in applications that require a spring isolator with lateral and vertical anti-vibration restrain. VIBRO AMR offers additional protection from earthquakes and excess wind pressure, such as air compressors, two-cycle engines,
chillers, water coolers, air handling units etc.

Field of applications:

Vibro-AM.R is recommended for use with mechanical Noise & Vibration isolation for:

  • Vibrating equipment likely to be subjected to seismic events.
  • When the vibrating equipment is likely to have significant center of mass alternations.
  • When high wind loads or other external forces are applied.
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AMR 20, AMR 50, AMR 100, AMR 150