Acoustic plaster board for perfect sound clarity
Sonacoustic conforms to any substate for an aesthetically pleasing result.
Sonacoustic's elegance is very suitable to restaurants, performance spaces, exibition spaces and places where spacial design is priority.
ISO certified; fire rated B-s1, d0; m1 emissions;
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Sonacoustic is a wall and ceiling acoustic plaster board. It’s ability to be applied to any shaped substrate makes it particularly useful in bespoke spacial designs where good speech intelligibility is key. 

The structure of the Sonacoustic® system consists of a combination of a sound-absorbing Sonaboard and Sonaplaster in a one- or two-layer set-up .


What are the thermal properties?

Sonacoustic’s thermal insulation / airflow resistance has an R- value of 3.7 per inch. 

What is the fire rating?

The fire-rating is B-s1, d0.

ISO certification ensures that product quality and flammability are not an issue.

What are the sound absorption coefficients?

Sonacoustic will improve reverbation times considerably.

Download our brochure above to see an exact table of the NRC times across the entire range we stock. 

What is the material composition?

Sonacoustic of a combination of fiberglass sonaboard and sonaplaster that is recycled cellulose. Both are made from natural materials. 

Environmental Credentials

Qualifies for LEED v4 specifications of VOC emissions.

No carcinogens. 



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