Absolute Acoustics have installed this stretch fabric system since 2001, all over Ireland. You’ll find Absolute’s handy work in offices and conference rooms for the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many more bluechip clients. Sonafabric is also perfect for broadcasting spaces,  recording studios, and home cinemas. 

Stretch Fabric System Images

How A Stretch Fabric System Works




What is the lead-in time for standard fabric colours?

3 to 4 weeks max

What is the lead-in time for non-standard/custom fabrics?

3 to 4 weeks max

What is the extra cost of custom fabric/printed logos?

Allow a provisional €100/panel

How is it cleaned?

Spray applied water wiped off with a clean cloth.        

What happens if its damaged?

Fabric can be changed/replaced.

Will it discolour over time?

In direct sunlight yes, but no more than any other fabric.

Is there a warranty?

It’s a passive product with no moving part, warranty not really applicable. As they use a fibrous core to absorb the sound performance does not degrade over time.

How long does it take to install roughly?

Depending on the sized of the specific room between 2 and 4 hours at max.



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