Acoustical stretch fabric system for walls and ceilings.

Nature themed custom fabric wall. 


Perfect for private offices, podcast rooms, videoconferencing suites, home cinemas, or home recording studios. Anywhere good room acoustics are imperitave. 

SonaFabric is an acoustical stretch fabric system for walls and ceilings. SonaFabric’s track system accepts and holds tight a variety of fabrics while utilising sound absorbing infills to create beautiful, high performance surfaces. Using SonaFabric’s acoustical stretch fabric system is a great way to control sound beautifully, and is perfect for offices, video conferencing rooms, meeting rooms, and many other applications.

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How The System Works

The SonaFabric system is a stretch fabric system that can accommodate any shape – from asymmetrical lines to curves and any fabric. It can be installed to either wall or ceiling. The on-site installation process begins by securing the track/profile to the surface, following a specified edge to meet your needs.
The fabric of your choice is then stretched over a 1/2” to 2” core infill of acoustic material. The finished product enhances the look of the space and lowers the noise levels in the room.

The Fabrics

Our fabrics have enough width for seamless walls (2.80m wide). The fabrics are durable, ecological and fire rated. Woven and dyed in France, these fabrics add a great atmosphere to your space. It is easy to integrate printed graphics and branding on the fabric to create a custom aesthetic.

The Acoustic Infill

The infill is the material that is installed inside the frame of the track. SonaFabric offers several types mineral wool infill for different applications. Below is a table showing the different core material available along with the corresponding acoustic absorption results. Custom infills are also available on request.


What is the lead-in time for standard fabric colours?

3 to 4 weeks max

What is the lead-in time for non-standard/custom fabrics?

3 to 4 weeks max

What is the extra cost of custom fabric/printed logos?

Allow a provisional €100/panel

How is it cleaned?

Spray applied water wiped off with a clean cloth.        

What happens if its damaged?

Fabric can be changed/replaced.

Will it discolour over time?

In direct sunlight yes, but no more than any other fabric.

Is there a warranty?

It’s a passive product with no moving part, warranty not really applicable. As they use a fibrous core to absorb the sound performance does not degrade over time.

How long does it take to install roughly?

Depending on the sized of the specific room between 2 and 4 hours at max.