Good acoustics promote health and wellbeing, increase productivity, and create comfortable environments to be in for extended periods. 

Sonaspray is a cellulose fibre acoustic spray applied directly to any ceiling type.

This product is sustainable, highly effective, and in keeping with modern design aesthetics.

Absolute Acoustics have been installing Sonaspray acoustic spray across Ireland for 20 years. Our installations are always accompanied by the added value of support, knowledge, and verifiable results for building occupiers and design teams.

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Acoustic Spray Finishes

Standard Colours (Custom available)

What is acoustic spray and where is it useful?

Acoustic spray is cellulose-based, and spray-applied to ceilings to reduces the effects of reverberation. It can be applied to any surface type quickly and efficiently and acts to absorb sound, reducing echo.

There are variables in textures and acoustic performance appropriate to any performance objective. Sonaspray is useful in many environments where acoustics are an issue.


  • Noisy open-plan offices
  • School hall, gym, or swimming pool
  • Open plan bar or restaurants
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Auditoriums, theatres

Some places in Ireland where you’ll find sonaspray (Clickable)

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