Sonaspray absorbs sound instead of reflecting it, providing an easy to install seamless solution to control noise within a space.

  • Sonaspray is a cellulose fibre acoustic spray applied directly to any ceiling type.
  • Easily applied to any surface, flat or vaulted. 
  • Large reduction of reverberation noise, and rain on roof noise. 
  • Additional benefit of thermal insulation.
  • Sustainable, recycled product


Rabobank Sonaspray Project – Dublin 

More Features

  • Incredible acoustic effectiveness. 
  • All Sonaspray products Fire rated B-s1,do with A1 also available. View ratings
  • Contribute up to 17 LEED V4 Points, Recycled, Green Product
  •  Environmental Product Declaration and Health Product Declarations available here. 
  • Easy To install, 20 year warranty, strong patented adhesive. 
  • Thermal Insulation of R Value 3.75 per inch.  

Acoustic Spray Irish Projects

Acoustic Spray Finishes

Sonaspray has several options for the finish, from coarse to smooth. See the brochure for more details. K14 also boasts an A1 fire rating, the only acoustic spray on the market with such a high fire rating, 

    Standard Colours (Custom available)

    Contact us for a RAL equivalent of the below colours, or request a custom colour. 

      What is acoustic spray and where is it useful?

      Acoustic spray is cellulose-based, and spray-applied to ceilings to reduces the effects of reverberation. It can be applied to any surface type quickly and efficiently and acts to absorb sound, reducing echo.

      There are variables in textures and acoustic performance appropriate to any performance objective. Sonaspray is useful in many environments where acoustics are an issue.


      • Noisy open-plan offices
      • School hall, gym, or swimming pool
      • Open plan bar or restaurants
      • Factories and Warehouses
      • Auditoriums, theatres

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