Fire Safety: Sonaspray

The core element of the SonaSpray system is cellulose fibre. With the addition of naturally occurring compounds which are blended with the fibres, the SonaSpray K-13 and FC systems have been tested and shown to achieve:



UK fire test by Warrington Fire Research:
Class 0 to BS476 Part 6
Class l to BS476 Part 7


European fire test by Efectis Nederland:
B – s1, d0

Fully detailed copies of the test report are available, we are more than happy to share the information. 



Need a better Fire Rating? Class A1 Fire Rating: Sonaspray K14

For those looking for the best fire rating available we have a solution.

Sonaspray K14 is our finest textured finish and has an A1 Fire Rating.

See Efectis Test Report Here

Make sure you see copies of fire test reports.

Over the years we’ve seen some bad situations arising from misinformation on fire safety. Claims have to be backed up. It can affect hand over or cause insurance policies to be declined.

We have Warrington test reports available immediately on request.