Spray on acoustic treatment. Reduce program time with quality ceiling applied sound absorption.
Fire rated B-s1, d0. Certified quality production.
Applicable on any surface type, in a range of colours and textures. Can be used in offices, restaurants, performance spaces and much more.
Low embodied energy is comparison to other treatments, 80% recycled materials.
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SonaSpray  is an ISO certified seamless spray on acoustic treatment for reducing reverberation and NRC times. Sonaspray can be used on ceilings in office, residential, media, and many more environments.

Available in a range of textures and colours, Sonaspray provides excellent sound absorption capabilities, great environmental credentials, a solid fire rating, and can reduce your program time significantly.


Is there a range of textures?

Yes. We stock four varieties of Sonaspray.

The smoothest finish is SonaSpray FC & FCX. These finishes almost resemble a plastered finish. This can be very suitable for restaurants, museums or exhibition spaces. 

SonaSpray k-13 and k-13 special provide a slightly courser finish. This has proved really popular in open plan offices, lobbies, atriums and other open plan workspaces.  


What are the thermal properties?

All the types of Sonaspray has an thermal insulation / airflow resistance is an R- value of 3.7 per inch. 

What about embodied energy?

When evaluating some other commercial acoustic treatments on the market, we discovered many of panels that use fiberglass.

Fiberglass is glass that is melted and spun into a denser form. It also is typically made from new raw materials. This process uses more energy. 

Sonaspray is recycled paper with added fire retardant treatment. The embodied energy is lower. 


What is the fire rating?

The fire-rating is B-s1, d0.

Sonaspray ISO certification ensures that product quality and flammability are not an issue.

What are the sound absorption coefficients?

Sonaspray will improve reverbation times considerably.

Download our brochure here to see an exact table of the NRC times across the entire range we stock. 


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