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 What’s the studio kit all about?


Affordable acoustic treatment that works.


It takes the trial-and-error nature out of acoustic treatment, by utilizing 40 years of acoustic knowledge


Shipping Worldwide, with remote consultation

Beautiful panels made by us

What’s in  a kit?

Heiro-G Ark-zorbers

Designed to deliver a range of acoustic conditioning properties including absorption, diffusion and scattering. The perforation pattern is a variation on a Binary
Amplitude Diffusion pattern which delivers
significant levels of mid/high diffusion in a
gentle and comfortable manner.

Porthole Ark-zorbers

This panel is designed with full band absorption and low frequency scattering in mind. The objective with this unit is to work in tandem with the Heiro-G panel which is focused on high frequency diffusion and absorption to provide for full audio bandwidth conditioning solutions. 

Noiseguard Fabric Cover Panels

These fabric cover panels have excellent absorption qualities. We use them to remove mix-killing bass resonance from the room. Expect a very balanced room response when configured the rest of our studio kit. 

Fixings & Instructions

We provide all the necessary components to assemble and install your studio kit. Installation is straightforward and it won’t be long before your room is performing as a professional sounding studio. 


We can assist you in the placement of your acoustic treatment using 3d acoustic modelling. We can also calibrate your  monitor system remotely. We are available at business hours to assist with any queries. 

Who’s using our studio kit

“Absolute Acoustics were always going to be our no1 choice for our studio refurb. We had a tricky space with massive reflection issues and constraints but we found the perfect solution through Absolute Acoustics and are delighted with our studio sound.

Jim and his team delivered on time, on budget and was very flexible to our day to day business needs. We went from having a very uncontrolled, bright and reflective space to one that sounds sweet and looks clean and neat.” Dean Jones

Head of Sound Dept., Raygun


Raygun is a Dublin-based post production facility. Our panels are in use in their studios. We also performed a 5.1 speaker calibration required for film dubbing. The room really sounds really good, evident upon hearing Raygun’s work.


Emmy nominated post house Mutiny contacted Absolute Acoustics with a view to improving the fidelity in one of their studios. The results were fantastic. You can see our beautiful pothole panels in the top of the frame.

High Wire

Founded in 1997, High Wire have built a reputation for providing top quality results in editing, grading, graphics, finishing, sound and subtitling. Their work speaks for itself! We assisted in optimizing one of their rooms in Dublin. See Porthole panel above.

Tarsier Game Studios

Here is an example of how we can remotely make your room stand in a class of its own. Using room measurements, we were able to precisely calculate the necessary coverage, and after stylistic input from Tarsier we shipped them in flatpack format to Malmo, Sweden. Tarsier Game Studios have worked on Sony’s flagship Big Little Planet series,

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A bit about us

Jim Dunne founded Absolute Acoustics to provide acoustic results for clients across a wide range of industries. Having worked in Windmill Lane studios with some of the biggest names in the music industry during the late 70s/ early 80’s, Jim went to on to obtain a degree in engineering and a masters in acoustics.

He started designing panels in a small workshop around that time, and the current Wavelength panels are the result of 40 years of trial and error. The results are there’s are there to be seen and heard, with Absolute Acoustics now owning it’s own production facility in Dublin and employing 10 people at the facility.

Absolute Acoustics has a impressive list of clients ranging from large professional post-production houses to home studio owners. Feel free to chat to us directly about your studio project, we’ve seen it all and can help ensure you absolutely love mixing and recording in your space!

Static Studio Kit


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We give you our kit/quote and discuss


The kit is shipped the kit straight to your door, with all the instructions necessary for installation.


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