Swimming Pool Acoustics:

Swimming pool acoustics can be one of the most demanding area to treat.  Hard tiled surfaces around the pool, combined with people playing, splashing and yelling can lead to the sound hitting absurd levels.

 Leisure centre and swimming pool facilities managers should be thinking about avoiding bad acoustics to ensure people enjoy spending time in these spaces. Luckily, Sonaspray, does the trick in treating these spaces quickly and very effectively.

We are experts in the control of acoustics in swimming pools and treat each project with due attention.


Swimming pool acoustics: THE SOLUTIONS

Sonaspray k-13

Superior acoustic performance, a highly light reflective finish, the ability to adapt to any substratum configuration and an appealing, uniform texture makes Sonaspray by far the best option for swimming pool acoustic treatments. 

Sonaspray has excellent condensation control which is obviously a big box ticked when it comes to swimming pools. No need to worry about mould or cold bridging.  Sonaspray and ventilation avoid condensation on steel, cement and other such materials through the right combination.  Indeed, Sonaspray reduces requirements for ventilation, saving both ventilation costs and operating costs.

Seamless spray applied acoustic treatment designed to provide high levels of sound absorption, in a textured finish.

  • Fire-Rating B-s1, d0.
  • Recycled material (80%) and low-emitting materials (LEED/BREAM credits).
  • Significant program time reduction.
  • Thermal R-Value of 3.7 per inch & Mould resistant.
  • Wide range of textures & colours.
  • Exceptional sound absorption.
  • Applicable to any surface type.
  • Build Regs. part ‘E’ & BB93 compliant.
  • ISO 9001:200 certified product.



swimming pool acoustics

Sonacoustic is a smooth acoustic plaster suitable for high end design specs. Sonacoustic has the same condensation control as Sonaspray but allows for an even smoother finish and higher level of sound absorption. Talk to our team to decide what option is best for you.

Why are the acoustics bad?


Check out this Quora article to find out more. 

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