TGB 103: CE Certification & Declaration of Performance

by | Mar 1, 2020

We are all familiar with the CE marking and its relevance in the construction industry. Its protects us all from rogue manufactures and suppliers who could potentially put us in danger via negligence and disregard for human health and well being.

Products used by the Irish construction industry are required to be CE approved and must provide a Declaration of Performance certificate. Products which fail to comply with these requirements can be reported to the Building Control Department in the relevant Local Authority for investigation. They have the necessary authority to compel the production of all relevant information/documentation and have significant powers in relation to enforcement.

Is Sonaspray CE certified?

In the case of SonaSpray range of spray-applied acoustic treatments, they fully comply with all relevant standards and requirements as related to CE Certification. A copy of the Declaration of Performance No 13 5 14 is available upon request. This certification document confirms the performance of the SonaSpray system under a number of relevant headings:-


  • Fire performance in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1.
  • Thermal Conductivity in accordance with DIN EN 12667.
  • Sound Absorption in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11654.

So what could potentially happen if a product you are using is not CE certified.

So what could potentially happen if a product you are using is not CE certified. Depending upon the situation, it could result in a minimum of delays to the completion of the project, all the way up to having to remove it from the building/site altogether. Given the tight programmes which contracts are awarded under any type of delay could be disastrous for a contractor and their client, not a pleasant thought.  

What is best practice here?

Simple solution, insist on the conformation and production of a verified CE Declaration of Performance from any potential supplier. This way, you can be confident that the product/system you have selected is in compliance with all necessary regulations and requirements. You don’t want Building Control asking you questions and giving them answers that don’t satisfy them, do you?

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