TGB 104: Warranty

by | Oct 27, 2020

It’s simple, 20 years for the supplied, applied and cured SonaSpray system.

Under normal circumstances, there’s no limitations on the adhesion of the system when applied and fully cured. No restrictions on the acoustic performance whatsoever. The SonaSpray system will continue to absorb sound at the same rate as it does on the first day, post curing.

As SonaSpray is a fibrous absorber, from an acoustic point of view there are no reasons as to why its acoustic properties would be change/degrade over time.

The only reason as to why SonaSpray would potentially suffer adverse issues would be if the substrate onto which it was applied was subject to excess water damage.

This would be due to some external circumstances adversely impacting on a given surface which would have significantly disabling/damaging effect on a building.

Or perhaps if the enclosed space in which the SonaSpray was applied was subject to excessively humid conditions for an extended period of time.

Again, the situation would be the result of exceptional circumstances which, in the normal course of events would require remedial works to the overall building in the first place.

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