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Vibration control products for many situations. Mechanical, HVAC, building construction, walls, floors and much more. We can give qualified advice on what will help.


Building Vibration Control

Vibration control is a critical parameter in construction projects. If not resolved at the early stages of the construction, then it is very difficult to be resolved at later stages.

Building projects that often require anti-vibration systems are:

  • Residential and commercial spaces.
  • Cinemas.
  • Restaurants.
  • Industrial units and more.

Structural separation can be achieved with our anti-vibration systems.

Absolute Acoustics stocks anti-vibration products in the following categories:

  • Floating floors.
  • Floating ceilings.
  • Floating walls.
HVAC and M&E Vibration Control

In industrial and mechanical environments, there is regularly a need to support or suspend heavy machinery and piping. Additionally, in major buildings such as hotels, hospitals and airports, vibration sources such as HVAC, chillers and pumps need to be supported whilst isolated from vibration.

All these machines include rotating parts which cause vibration, resulting in noise disturbance to the surrounding environment or the building itself, or even the equipment itself resulting in lower efficiency and increased costs.

Depending on the excitation frequency expected which is depended on the RPM of the equipment, the following types of vibration isolators can be selected:

  • Anti-vibration Spring mounts and hangers
  • Anti-vibration Rubber mounts and hangers
  • Spring & rubber Anti-vibration systems.

Advanced vibration isolators are necessary in order to stop the transmission of vibration near the source.

The Vibro vibration control product range includes vibration isolators for vibration reduction for HVAC systems, fans, pumps, generator sets, elevators, cutting-machines and other equipment.


Music Studio Vibration Control

Vibration control is one of the most critical parameters in recording and rehearsal studios. The high wavelengths of the low frequencies, which are often prevalent in a studio, make it very difficult to achieve a satisfying sound-isolation of a studio to its adjacent spaces.

In order to increase the sound insulation capacity and the available space, the structural noise isolation of the multi-layer sound-insulation elements is imperative. This structural separation of the studio components is achieved by the use of advanced vibration control products

The vibration control products Vibro, include products that isolate vibrations on floating floors, floating ceilings and floating walls. Depending on the excitation frequency expected to prevail in a studio, the following types of anti-vibration can be selected:

  • Spring mounts/jack up systems and ceiling hangers
  • Rubber mounts and ceiling hangers
  • Spring & rubber vibration control products for other elements of the studio.

In addition, we have designed special vibration control products for mounting and hanging audio systems and electro acoustical equipment such as line arrays, subwoofers, wall mounted speakers etc.


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