Mass-Loaded Vinyl / Soundproofing Mat in stock and available for Collection or online.


ViscoLAM is a soundproofing mat for wall and floor buildups to dramatically improve airborne sound insulation.

The technical term for ViscoLAM is Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV).

ViscoLAM is very effective but also easy to apply.

ViscoLAM can be attached to joists, Studs, or directly to plasterboard. The use of mass loaded vinyl in walls and floors is excellent to protect against everyday noise, such as traffic, trains, and neighbours televisions.

For DIYers hoping to improve their sound insulation, ViscoLAM is a good option.

Easy Solution For Soundproofing and Sound Insulation

For Walls

ViscoLAM is great for reducing noise for the road, aircraft, and any other type of airborne noise. The installation is quite easy (see below). 

ViscoLAM 100 is a 10kg mat with an Rw rating of 31db

A 3b improvement in RW typically translated to a 50% reduction in perceptible volume. (Counterintuitive acoustic ratings!)


For Floors:

Airborne noise from the room below/above will be dramatically reduced.

*ViscoLAM will not significantly reduce impact noise such as footfall. 

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Installation steps

For walls: 

There are three options for installing ViscoLAM to improve wall sound insulation. 

1) Viscolam can be installed directly to the timber studs. This can be done via the use of staples or bolts.

2) For optimum performance, ViscoLAM can be secured between two layers of plasterboard using contact adhesive. 

3) For instances where the existing wall can’t be torn down, it is possible to attach furring strips (once the stud has been accurately located), attach ViscoLAM to the furring strips, and plasterboard over that. 


Note: Make sure to seal all the seams and gaps in the ViscoLAM and Plasterboard to ensure the best soundproofing. 


For Floors:

1) Clean the Floor of all debris and cut ViscoLAM to the appropriate length. 

2) Simply lay ViscoLAM on the floor, using contact adhesive or tack strips.

3) Install floor finish (Timber, Tile, Carpet etc)