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Sonaspray® Spray On Acoustic Treatment

Suitable for almost all types and shapes of surface. It has a lightly textured, firm finish and is fire rated.


A seamless sound-absorbing finish for a superior acoustic climate.

Studio Kits

We provide design advice and bespoke acoustic paneling. Just give us the room dimensions and we can figure out what will work. Perfect for a professional audio facility without breaking the bank.


Talk To The Experts

Absolute Acoustics have solutions for many types of noise issues. If your in need of some advice, get in touch here.


Reverberation/Noise Control

Having problems getting heard in echoing class rooms or conference halls? Whether it’s a gym or a museum, we have the experience and expertise to sort it. 

Bespoke Studio Solutions

We offer studio kits to either complement your existing studio facility or help you turn you spare room into a professional audio studio. We can even discuss your project and offer advice.

​At Absolute Acoustics we specialize in the supply, and where appropriate, the installation of acoustic materials. This is our area of expertise and competency. We don’t do anything else other than work in the field of acoustics.

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