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Got a requirment for excellent  acoustics, but don’t want to hang baffles or panels? Conventional acoustic treatments like these can cause issues with cycle time, fire ratings, and most of all aesthetics. While some brightly coloured , hexagonal panels might might look trendy today, they can date fast.

Based in Dublin, we here at Absolute Acoustics are bucking the trends and focusing on timeless acoustic finishes. For invisible acoustics, try our acoustic plaster Sonacoustic®. For fast cycle times and ultimate acoustic/thermal control, try Sonaspray®. We are also Dublin’s longest serving Softwalls® installer, perfect for critical audio spaces.


Sonaspray is an exceptional quality product. Produced from recycled cellulose fibre (paper), Sonaspray is a spray-on acoustic treatment for ceilings.

If you have a design that requires ultimate acoustic and thermal control, Sonaspray offers this along with Class A1 Fire rating and a fast cycle time.

Aesthetically, Sonaspray is extremly versatile, allowing for a seamless finish in fine or coarse texture. Custom colours are also possible.

Windmill Lane Office, Dublin – Multinational Client

Stedelijk Museum – Amterdam

This acoustic treatment is the Rolls Royce of our collection. Imagine a hard plaster with truely exceptional performance: αw =1,0!

This product belongs in the highest class of  acoustic treatment and is perfect for bespoke residential projects, museums, galleries, restaurants or anywhere where aesthetics cannot be comprimised!


Stretched fabric systems have become common place private offices, audioology rooms, broadcasting rooms, and anywhere else audio fidelity is critical. Absolute Acoustics has teamed up with SWAL to create a seamless soft wall system that meet both aesthetic and acoustic requirments.

We have been installing these systems for 20 years, and our track record offers you peace of mind.


Jenkinstown Castle – Co. Kilkenny

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We distribute a select range of acoustic products, including high density deadsheet, anti vibration pads/springs, and fabric cover acoustic panels. 

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