Newcastle Parish Hall, Co Wicklow





Size of job:

300 sqm

This multi-purpose space is used by the Newcastle Paris school for theater, sports, classes and many other activities.


Newcastle Parish Hall contacted Absolute Acoustics with need to address some acoustic issues. Speech intelligibility was extremely low. Teachers were showing signs of voice strain and badly needed a solution.


We sent a team out to the hall to measure the reverb time in the space. As you could hear without even testing it, the space was overly reverberant and voice strain for teacher and class control was definitely an issue.

“Absolute Acoustics did an outstanding job overcoming a serious reverberation noise problem in our parish hall – the hall is used for a huge variety of purposes, from table tennis, to amateur drama, dinners, children’s dramas and musicals, children’s birthday parties and more – all of these activities suffered from the echoes from hard wall and ceiling surfaces. Absolute Acoustics undertook testing and computer modelling of the problem and proposed a solution. They treated the surfaces with Sonaspray, and the results are highly impressive, and were immediately apparent to everyone who uses the hall. “

–  Peter Johnston, Newcastle Parish Hall, County Wicklow.

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