The Reflector Building, Grand Canal Dock


Location: The Reflector Building, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin.
Product: Sonaspray k13 standard in black.
Fit out: T&I Fitouts
Size of job: 6620 sqm

Absolute Acoustics were contracted to install Sonapray© K-13 Standard for an office in Grand Canal Dock house the headquarters of a well known global company.

The objective of the design was to create an environment that was easy & pleasant to work in, which facilitated easy communication throughout the departments. Having an acoustically treated space was critical in making this possible. Because of this, reducing reverb and echo was the main focus of the acoustic treatment.

Absolute Acoustics were contracted in at the early stages of the job. The result sounded fantastic. The reverb times were reduced to satisfactory levels as outlined in the design. The Sonaspray blended in very nicely, and created a wonderful atmosphere to work in. The clients were very happy, and result is there to see.

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