Video Conferencing Acoustics and COVID

The appearance of COVID 19 in early 2020 has heralded a radical change in how we live our lives, which is likely to become a permanent feature in the future.

While video call acoustics is not likely to come to mind initially, this specialist area has taken on a new prominence.

The end of the office?

Many predicted an end to the office, with working from home becoming the new normal. This has not been quite the case; however, as long term teamwork requires the informal contact that leads to new ideas. However, on the more formal side, meetings involving stakeholders from different companies are taking place over video conferencing technologies.

There is not as much importance on informal dialogue in these situations, so using services such as Zoom will be commonplace for these kinds of business meetings.

How well does video conferencing work?

We have been regularly involved in Zoom calls ourselves and often find it fatiguing having to concentrate so hard on what other contributors are saying.

The acoustic treatment of your kitchen where you are participating in Zoom calls is probably not a practical reality, but paying attention to the acoustics in your office meeting rooms and conference room is very doable.


Locating acoustic treatment on the ceiling will maximise your bang for your bucks. Treating wall surfaces will help, especially if you can position the panels so as have them facing hard surfaces.

For example, if you have a glazed wall area locating acoustic treatment on the wall directly opposite will work well.

The rule of thumb is to plan to calm down the space you are in if you want to use audio conferencing equipment in it successfully.

A proactive approach which anticipates the need for and benefits of excellent acoustics is a worthwhile investment, which will pay off in spades.

So to mitigate against the worst effects of the virus seek out advice on acoustic design and put aside a budget to implement it.

Productivity and staff well being will be the immediate winners.

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